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Energy Massage


Energy massage includes hands-on modalities like gentle rocking, light to deep compression of the muscles, and passive range-of-motion. No lotion or oils are used. Most clients wear very loose and comfortable, stretchy clothing. During the massage nearly every joint in the body is gently stimulated by the movements. People usually feel relaxed and energized after the session. The session is designed to systematically open up all the joints allowing energy to flow more freely throughout the body.  The amazing result is that, despite the absence of oil or lotion or any friction on the skin, most clients report a definite “full body massage” sensation at the end of the session.  In fact, many report feeling more energized than after a typical swedish-style massage session. 



Typical comments are:


“I feel lighter,” 

“My body feels more open and fluid.”

“ I have a lot more energy than when we started.”




Styles of Energy Massage:


Passive Range of Motion - (PRM)


In this massage, nearly every joint in the body is gently taken through it’s natural range of motion. This systematic attention to all the joints of the body is the key to the “full body massage” feeling most clients report after the session. PRM massage is usually done on a massage table with the client wearing loose, comfortable and/or stretchy clothing, allowing for optimum freedom of movement. No oils or lotions are used. 

This work is also good for clients who have trouble “letting go” during a massage- the ones who try to “help” by lifting their limbs or holding on. Through gentle coaxing, the client learns to release, trust and flow, thereby allowing the natural movement of energy throughout the body to flow.  


Some benefits of PRM:


-Increases blood flow to joints to help healing

and repair of damaged tissues. 


-Warms synovial fluid, the joint’s lubrication,

increasing the joint range of motion.


-Increases body awareness


-Relaxation, release of tension


-Simple body pleasure




Rocking and Shaking Massage - (R&S)


In this massage, the entire body, part by part, and in synchrony, is gently rocked. There is a fluidity of movement through the body during the course of the session.  As some tight or “stuck” places are encouraged to release, more movement is possible. As in the PRM massage, the massage is usually done on a massage table with the client fully-clothed in loose, comfortable/stretchy clothing, allowing for easy movement.  


Some benefits of R & S Massage:


Muscle relaxation

Mobilization of joints, joint hydration

Breaks up lung congestion

Decreases anxiety and tension

Increases general relaxation

May allow emotional release to take place

Increases digestive functions

Can help reduce pain

Can increase pleasure in the release of tension




Combo R&S and PRM


In this massage, rocking, shaking, and passive range of motion are combined resulting in a indescribable experience.  Your body will be buzzing! Try it!

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