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Healing Touch Testimonials



"Stubborn and persistent pain in my legs is what I was dealing with until I had a session with Linda.  My legs felt definitely better right away, and the full effect of the Healing Touch Session came over the next 24 hours and made me feel like dancing - not a common urge in the last several years! I highly recommend Linda Poelzl, a highly skilled, experienced and compassionate practitioner."


Jim O.   4/17/15



"I have had many physical challenges in my 70 years. Not the least of all was having Lymphoma and Breast Cancer. I believe in traditional medical approaches to many illnesses, but I also believe in the assistance of alternative approaches. My sessions with Linda, whom I believe to be a natural healer, using Healing Touch, has benefitted both my mind and body. I had been having pain in my shoulders and other joints due to a medication I took after my bought with Breast Cancer. The pain was intense. It kept me from regular exercise, interrupted my sleep, and I was feeling much less than my usual positive self. Enter Linda, and Healing Touch. I’m now sleeping better and back to exercising, both of which help me feel like my old self.  I believe my work with Linda played an important role in these changes. Without reservation, I recommend working with Linda and Healing Touch."


Cheryl 7/14/15



"I was going through a tough time emotionally in early 2014.  I was under aggressive attack and obliged to pay for an expensive defense against a frivolous law suit.   At the same time a close relative had been diagnosed terminally ill.   The stress was disrupting my sleep and occupying my thoughts every day.  I tried meditation, prayer, took a class on the Four Agreements, talked to many people and contacted spiritual advisors in hope of finding some relief.   None of my efforts yielded sustainable peace of mind.    I knew about Linda Poelzl a practitioner of Healing Touch, but it did not initially occur to me that Healing Touch could be an effective treatment for mental anguish.    


I contacted Linda out of desperation to discuss the possibility of applying her skills to my situation.   We arranged for a session at her office in the Mission District in San Francisco.  After a brief interview and discussion of my issues, Linda asked me to set some intentions for what I wanted from the session.  My stated intentions had to do with acceptance, being present in the now, peace of mind, peaceful sleep at night and purging the obsessive thinking about my problems.   


While I lay fully-clothed on a massage table, Linda used a pendulum to assess the energy fields around different areas of my body.  I did not have to do anything but lie there and relax.  I chose some peaceful music to have on during our session.  I closed my eyes and quickly found myself in a quiet meditative state. At some point after 45 to 60 min of treatment Linda had me slowly sit up on the table.  We discussed the session and I agreed to schedule another.   I went for a total of eight sessions.  After each session I felt a deep sense of peace, the effects of which wore off as the week went by.  But, as I attended more sessions over the next two months, I found that the effects were longer lasting and I was sleeping better.  My core problems did not go away but my response to them improved noticeably.  I experienced a greater sense of acceptance and peace of mind which I can only attribute to the Healing Touch sessions. 


Linda is a skilled and confident practitioner.  I recommend her services for anyone who is considering Healing Touch as an independent treatment or in conjunction with other healing practices."






"I recently had a healing touch session with Linda.  This was my first experience with healing touch and I am happy to say that I enjoyed it more than I had anticipated.  Linda has such a kind way about her that helped me feel immediately relaxed.  Even while she was taking a pretty detailed history, I was very at ease.  The interaction felt much more like a conversation with an old friend than a client/professional interaction.  Once the history was complete, Linda had me lie on her massage table.  She focused on my sinuses during this session as I was suffering from some sinus pressure and a cold.  Before beginning work she asked me to rate my pain there and I gave it a 3 on a 0-10 scale.  While I was lying on the table I was so relaxed that I was in and out of consciousness for the majority of the session.  Upon waking at the end of the session I could tell my body really took to Linda’s work and energy.  My sinus pressure had decreased from a 3 to a 1.  My overall energy had increased and even though I was relaxed prior to the session, I could feel a noticeable difference in my state of mind and overall health. I highly recommend Linda if you are interested in Healing Touch work.  Her gentle and calm nature is incredibly soothing and makes for a great experience."


Kaila H.   2/17/15 




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