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In our first session, we do a thorough intake, which includes a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual history.


Together we identify current issues and agree on mutual goals for healing. These goals will shape the course of the session, whether it be a Reiki healing; a Healing Touch Session; or a Body Stories session.  Often I will combine elements of two or three of these modalities, taking a multi-faceted approach to whatever problem, goal or issue the client comes in with.  


I work very intuitively, following the energy throughout the session, since it may change course. I believe that it’s more important to be aware of and follow the flow of energy than to stick to a set program. The bottom line is restoring balance. Once harmony and balance is restored, we can build from there, from one session to the next.

My Story


Originally from New York City, I came to San Francisco in 1971. I was interested in holistic health and took my first hundred hour training in massage in 1978. I began working with clients immediately. I went on from there to study at National Holistic Institute in Emeryville, CA and was on the faculty there from 1987-1994. 


I became interested in energy medicine when my husband who had HIV was benefiting from Reiki sessions. I was so inspired that I began training in Reiki, achieving my masters level certification in 1998.


My interest in erergy medicine continued and I began to study Healing Touch in 2012 and completed my certification in 2013. Always seeking more paths to healing, I took a training in Body Stories Work in 2014. 

“Let me help you restore harmony and balance in your life.”


As an energy medicine practitioner, I work with clients on all four levels: 






Linda Poelzl

Energy Medicine Resume

San Francisco, CA

(415) 282-1984



Formal Education:

1997 - New College of California - Bachelor of Arts Degree/Humanities 

1979 - City College of San Francisco - Associate of Arts Degree - general education with minor in physical education and health


Work Experience:

*10/2013 to Present:  Healing Touch Certified Practitioner - private practice 

* 3/13/98 to Present:  Reiki Master - private practice and volunteer work

*1978 to Present: Certified Massage Therapist- works with clients in private practice 


Energy Medicine Trainings:

10/20/13 - Healing Touch Practitioner - Level 5 and Completion of HT Levels 1 through 5 -- Burlingame, California. Instructor: Carol Kinney, R.N., BSN, HNC, HTCP/I

8/30/14 - Reiki Level II Practitioner - Dr. Kirk Prine and Donny Lobree

* 3/13/98 - Reiki Master/Teacher Certificate - Jurgen Schweighart, Reiki Master; UsuiSystem of Natural Healing

9/30/94 - Reiki - Second Degree Level -  Cheryl L. Coleman, Reiki Master; International Reiki Healing Association

7/5/94 - Reiki - First Degree - Cheryl L. Coleman, Reiki Master; International Reiki

Healing Association


Bodywork Certifications:

* 2014 - Certified Massage Therapist - CA Massage Therapy Council (7/9/2014)

* 1987 - Holistic Bodywork Therapist and Health Educator (1000 hour certificate) National Holistic Institute, Emeryville, CA

1978 - Certified Massage Technician San Francisco School of Massage (100/hrs)


Professional Memberships & Affiliations:

*Reiki Membership Association - ICRT- Affiliate Member - since 9/23/14

*HealingTouch Professional Association Member - since 4/12/12 

*Member of the American Massage Therapy Association -  since1988


Volunteer Experience:

November/2014 to Present- Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic - San Francisco: providing energy medicine treatments for poor women with cancer.

* May/ 2013 to Present - Jewish Home of San Francisco: Providing Healing Touch for residents of Jewish Home.

* April 2012 to Present - Mercy Center Healing Touch Clinic - Providing Healing Touch for clients of the Clinic.

* 1985-86 - Massage Volunteer:  AIDS Homecare and Hospice, and San Francisco General Hospital (Ward 5A) - Provided massage and gentle touch services for AIDS patients, under the supervision of Irene Smith.

My Resume

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